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The content of this website (hereafter named the « Website », which includes every page of the Website and its blog), is purely informative and regards the transmission of information for private use.

All information available on this Website (contents, data, articles, folders, practical sheets, downloadable documents, iconographic representations, photos, images, diagrams, logos, etc.., hereafter named the « Information of the Website ») are the exclusive property of the Website’s owner (hereafter named the « Owner of the Website ») whose contact information are mentioned on « contact » page of the Website.

They are protected by national and international provisions regarding intellectual property.

They may not, under no circumstances, be commercialized, modified, disassembled, diffused, translated, copied, and utilized in any way whatsoever and by anyone, without the prior and written agreement from the Owner of the Website.

It is however authorized to create, without prior request to the Owner of the Website, surface linking to the homepage of the Website or to any other page of the Website. On the other hand, the use of any technique aiming to include all or parts of the Website in a website by masking – even partially – the exact origin of information or that could lead to confusion regarding the origin of information, such as framing or in-lining, requires the written authorization from the Owner of the Website.

Personal Data

This Website collects personal data from internet users (hereafter named the « Internet User(s) ») who transmit their email address and/or their contact information via this Website, who subscribe to the newsletter or who send an email via the « contact » page.

The owner of this Website, its host, its designer, its webmaster commit to never disclose the lightest information and contact information received from the Internet User, neither sell them, nor give in without consent.

Nevertheless, the Internet User who transmits its personal data to the Owner of the Website expressly agree to receive emails, newsletters and information messages in particular from the latter. The Internet User can require, at any time, for free and by written request to the Owner of the Website, to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Right to one’s image

Any physical person who appears on a photography and who didn’t expressly authorize its diffusion on the Website can require, upon request to the Owner of the Website, to remove it.


The Owner of the Website controls the messages that the Internet Users integrate in its blog and reserves the right to remove, at any time without prior authorisation from its author, neither justification, nor compensation, in case he would judge them inadequate, false, abusive, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, coarse, threatening, insulting, racist, derogatory, sexual, pornographic or breaking legal, moral, ethical or public provisions.

It is prohibited to insert, in the Website’s blog, spams, advertising, links to pirate softwares, programs for hackers, illegal websites especially or any other non-authorized software or file.


Under no circumstances, the Owner of the Website, neither its host, its designer, nor its webmaster can be held responsible for:

  • The content of the Website, in particular published articles, especially in case of mistakes, inaccuracy or imprecision. The Internet User is invited to refer back, if needed, to the Owner of the Website or another specialist who will advise him/her adequately, concerning the situation;
  • The presented information on other websites who would have linked this Website via hypertext links;
  • The messages on the Website’s blog integrated by other Internet users, especially in case they infringe the copyrights of a third party, prejudice others or dispose of elements that are sanctioned by law.
  • The introduction of computer virus spreading through the Internet network;
  • The damages caused because of a hack or a hackers’ act.

This Website design and production

The design (except from the Information of the Website), the development, the hosting, the technical maintenance and updates are assured by:

C. Concept
rue de Windhof, 32
L-8384 Koerich
Tél. : +352 621 37 02 88 |

The website from the society C. Concept suggests links to other websites. These websites, whose addresses are regularly checked by the society C. Concept, are not part of the Website. The Owner of the Website do not control their contents and declines all responsibility regarding information that could be presented.

Changes to the legal notices

The present legal notices can be modified at any time, without warning to the Internet Users. Any change come into effect on publication date on the Website. To keep accessing the Website after publication of these changes confirms the agreement of these changes by the Internet User.

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