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The more complex the web becomes, the more we try to be transparent to make it accessible and understandable in order to generate enthusiasm and motivation : the basis of a SUCCESSFUL web project!

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Be guided and supported « before », « during » and « after » the launch of your project!

Web project planning

Together we define your project to transform it into action plans, deadlines, information to be provided, resource allocations in order to anticipate and smooth out your interventions. The right information and careful planning allow you to take the right decisions!

Experienced web agency process

With your business expertise and our multidisciplinary skills, we co-create your digital project. Its success is the result of our wide experience (since 1999), a proven methodology and successive validations keeping you perfectly informed and motivated 😎!

Creative, technical web project with support

Through an iterative and collaborative process we learn from each other! Taking an interest in your business and your specificities is part of our DNA in order to bring out the best of you. With an external view, creativity, technicality, passion and audacity, we accompany you with a lot of goodwill!

Success is earned when confidence is given!

Services for 🚀 your results!

Opt for a smoother digital transition!

Icône service Sites Web
Icône service E-Shops
Icône service promotion
Icône service créativité
Icône service coaching
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Knowing more about your company, your services, your products, your news and what makes you different is, among other things, the objective of your customers and prospects when they visit your website. But how can you tell them about it?

Showcasing you is our goal!
So focus on your business: we'll take care of the rest!

  • Digital strategy

    Stand out from the competition by highlighting your competitive advantages.

  • Websites and web development

    Take advantage of a modern and intuitive website to develop your online presence.

  • Eye-catching content

    Increase your attractiveness with eye-catching visuals and SEO-optimised texts.

  • Promotion of your website

    Boost your success with increased visibility on all your communication media!


Expand your customer base and build loyalty with a catalogue or an e-shop, with or without online payment, specific services, click and collect, flash offers ...
How to start in e-commerce?
Be guided step by step, before, during and after its implementation. Our main advantages: a proven methodology, a human-centric approach and your motivation nurtured over time 😊 !

  • E-commerce strategy

    Make your products and services unmissable and irresistible!

  • Online catalogue and E-shop

    Increase your sales with a perfectly adapted user path!

  • Sales content

    Highlight your products to make them a fan favourite !

  • PromotionPromotional campaigns

    Preserve and maintain the creativity and visibility of your offers.


Being there at the right time, in the right place, with the right services is your daily challenge, inseparable from effective communication!
Do you have your nose to the grindstone?
The antidote to your procrastination is planning your communication.
You'll be able to control the « what » and the « how », the deadlines, the budget, with the right indicators as a bonus!

  • SEO - SEA

    Improve your positioning by combining natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA)!

  • Social networks

    Unite your community by being creative on social networks...

  • Maximum visibility

    Develop a targeted visibility according to each goal!

  • Personalised and automated emailing

    Build customer loyalty with qualitative and personalized content!


In this standardised world, some customers are looking for authenticity. Allow them to better perceive your SME and your values: human, sustainable, CSR,...
But how can you show this without saying so?
Through creative communication that conveys your messages with finesse and subtlety!
Your "customers" will recognise you if they share your values!

  • Creative digital strategy

    Stand out from your competitors with a creative marketing plan!

  • Deploying your creative digital strategy

    Stay the course all year long with the enthusiasm of the the start!

  • Employer Branding

    Reveal your values to attract your "favourite" candidates!


Your SME, YOUR baby, YOUR project is an extension of yourself, the expression of a certain ideal. Passionate and experienced, your know-how is worth the trip!
But how do you attract the 'right' clientele?
Sales coaching, a marvellous benevolent tool for developing skills, is a fair balance between listening, methodology, results analysis and encouragement!

  • Business analysis

    Go faster by being alone, further by being accompanied!

  • Business action plan

    Move from the idea to its realisation with method and discernment!

  • Internal business communication

    Unite your teams around an engaging communication!

  • Digitalisation of repetitive tasks

    Increase the attractiveness of work by digitising your business processes!

  • Point of sale promotion (POS)

    Increase your turnover per customer by boosting your POP!


You have many projects but not enough time to complete them!

But how many repetitive tasks do you perform?
Yes, IT can be adapted to your SME structure. With the right guidance and step by step approach, you will know how to tame digitalisation by optimising your processes. Imagine what you will gain in competitiveness and work comfort!

  • IT security

    Have a reliable and secure IT network while streamlining your costs!

  • Quality management

    Avoid errors and lack of precision in the information to be processed!

  • Customer Service Management

    Increase your customers' satisfaction through an efficient and automated follow-up of requests!

  • Process automation

    Increase the loyalty of your employees by increasing their added value!

  • Optimising supplier relations

    Boost your sales by improving your exchanges with suppliers and partners!

  • Data security

    Enjoy peace of mind of securely stored and verified data!

Photos & videos

You offer quality products and services, but not enough customers know it!

What are you waiting for to "really" show them off?
Sight is the most solicited sense on the Internet! Remember that behind a screen there is an Internet user who needs to be challenged, attracted and seduced... before ordering or buying from you!

  • Professional photos

    Boost your sales and your brand image with attractive photos!

  • Professional videos

    Capture the attention of your prospects and customers with dynamic videos!

  • Animation videos

    Make it easy to understand your assets with attractive animation videos!

Our services:

  • Websites
  • E-shop
  • Promotion
  • Creativity
  • Coaching
  • Digitalization
  • Photos

Our services:

Stratégie digitale


Digital strategy

Gain time, efficiency and profitability, thanks to an optimal positioning from the beginning of your digital project.

Webmarketing analysis, positioning, definition of your technical needs and solutions to be deployed for a website that is "right first time!"

Sites et développement web


Websites and web development

Give your company a professional and reassuring image with a dynamic website adapted for all media (Responsive Web Design and Mobile First).

For a landing page, a showcase site or a custom site, take advantage of our advices and the benefits of our "turnkey" offers adapted to your needs!

Contenus accrocheurs


Eye-catching content

Make your products and services attractive with effective slogans and titles, seductive descriptions and visuals.

We give you an irresistible image with descriptive content (copywriting), thematic or creative content (storytelling), photos and videos...

Promotion de votre site


Promotion of your website

Gain visibility and awareness through the consistency of your communication on all media, online and offline.

A communication plan and its performance indicators will guide you throughout the year to increase your results through newsletters, SEA sponsored campaigns, social networks...

Stratégie e-commerce


E-commerce strategy

Preserve and maintain the creativity and visibility of your offers.

Online sales automate low value-added tasks and free up your time for your "real job": personalised advice and support, from Human to Human, which no machine can replace!

Catalogue en ligne et E-shop


Online catalogue and E-shop

Turn your prospects into customers by facilitating their experience on your e-shop, far from a simple technical deployment!

Before paying, your visitor will be attentive, consciously or unconsciously, to 1001 details that will influence his final decision to validate or not his shopping cart! Reassuring them at each stage is your priority.

Contenus « vendeurs »


Sales content

Awaken the senses of your prospects ! Needs and desires are aroused by sight, touch, movement, smell and sometimes taste.

Beautiful, authentic visuals, in situation, with catchy slogans and descriptions "virtually" stimulate their senses and encourage the act of buying!

Campagnes promotionnelles


PromotionPromotional campaigns

Decide on quantifiable and measurable objectives. With the annual planning of your online and offline communication, your internal and external collaborators will know perfectly your expectations and their implementation.

Your e-shop will be your ally in boosting your profitability by selling your new products, flash sales, destocking...

Référencement SEO - SEA



Take an interest in Google and it will take an interest in your site! Your positioning in Google's results is linked to the respect of a set of criteria that correspond to algorithms or ranking rules.

We help you apply best practices from the start of your web project to maximise your benefits.

Réseaux sociaux


Social networks

Develop your community to improve your offers! Who better than your customers can offer you feedback, new ideas for use and transformation?

Benefit from your brand ambassadors who will talk about your company to their friends! We can help you create and manage your Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages.

Visibilité maximale


Maximum visibility

Each goal has its own strategy! Retaining or winning over customers, launching a new range, destocking are all different objectives that need to find their target at the right time.

We boost your results with, among other things, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and sponsored publications... always supported by statistical reports and recommendations.

Emailing personnalisé et automatisé


Personalised automated emailing

Opt for emailing, the tool with 1001 opportunities! Your customers appreciate receiving emails on subjects that interest them, whether professional or recreational.

We boost your turnover by creating a qualified database and managing creative and personalised newsletter campaigns with thematic content.

Stratégie digitale créative


Creative digital strategy

Add 'value' and 'worth' to your messages! Think outside the box and reassure your customers that their purchase is a fantastic experience!

Attract, tempt and seduce them with "out of the box" marketing. They will perceive what you deploy "exclusively" for them!

Déploiement de votre stratégie digitale créative


Deploying your creative digital strategy

Use creativity as a commercial ally! Defined, planned and known by all stakeholders, your creative actions will increase the positive impact of your messages tenfold.

Tame your time management by relying on your strategic plan, your performance indicators, a proven methodology and a continuous improvement process for iterative and winning communication.

Employeur Branding


Employer Branding

Communicate your DNA with authenticity and sincerity! You are not looking for Superman! YOUR ideal candidate matches YOUR expectations, YOUR values, what makes sense for HIM and for YOU!

An "employer branding" communication depicts the attractiveness of working in your company through landing pages, videos, and original media.

Analyse commerciale

Sales coaching

Business analysis

There are as many methods as there are SMEs. Each coaching is adapted to your style and your expectations!

It starts with the analysis, which is done in 4 stages:>
1/ Reflect and define
2/ Sort and analyse
3/ Explore and get inspired
4/ Adopt and adapt

Plan d’action commerciales

Sales coaching

Sales action plan

Reach your objectives by going beyond the idea! Transform the commercial analysis into a concrete and precise action plan that will lasts.

This involves selecting and prioritising your objectives, specifying the method and allocation of human and financial resources, establishing evaluation criteria and anticipating corrective actions.

Communication commerciale en interne

Sales coaching

Internal commercial communication

Turn your action plan into an internal communication tool! The motivation and involvement of your employees is enhanced by their understanding of the objectives, both global and individual, and the meaning of the implemented action plan.

Creative and original materials presenting the steps, deadlines and resources in a structured way will increase the impact of your internal communication.

Digitalisation des tâches répétitives

Sales coaching

Digitalisation of repetitive tasks

Keep your salespeople motivated and make their job more attractive. Managing a customer portfolio involves a host of repetitive tasks with little added value.

Digitise and optimise these tasks so that your sales staff can fully exercise their role as advisors and technical sales experts!

Promotion sur lieu de ventes (PLV)

Sales coaching

Point-of-sale promotion (POP)

Opt for "small" routines with "big" results! In your company, shop, trade fair or training area, 1001 small and creative actions, easy to implement, will turn into additional incomes!

Success is based on creativity, anticipation, organisation and repetition!

Sécurité informatique


IT security

Start your digitisation by controlling your software and hardware infrastructure.

We help you to take stock, define your needs, your budget, assess the risks, draw up a deployment plan, etc. Gain in performance, efficiency, time and ... security!

Gestion de la qualité


Quality management

Gain in quality by acquiring digital tools that facilitate the optimised management of your data and documents.

We help you define the dematerialisation plan, encoding, centralisation and compliance processes and control criteria.

Gestion du SàV


Customer Service Management

Keep your customers more satisfied by optimising and monitoring their requests with appropriate digital tools!

We help you set up alerting, monitoring dashboards, relevant indicators and standardised handling methods.

Automatisation des processus


Process automation

Automate your processes to minimise repetitive tasks and increase the attractiveness of jobs in your SME.

We support you in analysing established processes, optimising them and resources, defining monitoring indicators, centralising stakeholders, and creating management dashboards.

Optimisation des relations fournisseurs


Optimise supplier relations

Streamline your sales process by increasing the speed of data exchange: direct access to stocks, prices and delivery schedules.

We support you in analysing and centralising existing tools, and setting up monitoring of exchanges and interconnections.

Sécurisation des données


Data security

Gain security and productivity with future-proof data, thanks to automated backups and compliance checks.

We support you in analysing your needs and defining the infrastructure, creating and securing processes: automated copies, compliance management.

Photos professionnelles

Photos & videos

Professional photos

Gain credibility, attractiveness and conversion with professional photos to convince your customers.

We produce photos that meet your needs and requirements: highlighting your products and services through their qualitative, functional, durability and situational appeal.

Vidéos professionnelles

Photos & videos

Professional videos

Understand clearly and easily your products and services’ benefits while standing out from competitors!

We create and produce videos that meet your sales objectives: mini product, thematic, advertising, company or process videos.

Vidéos d’animation

Photos & videos

Animation videos

Give clarity to complex subjects or processes that cannot be filmed. To make your sales pitch easier, or your training courses more attractive, opt for animated videos with original, fast-paced scenarios.

We produce creative company videos, training videos, process videos, application videos etc.

Take a 👀 at what we have done!

Check out some of our references!

Avocats Olivier Kock
Avocats Olivier Kock

Arlon - Belgium

Mr Olivier KOCK is a lawyer who meets and defends your interests with a subtle mix of empathy and efficiency!

A great meeting and productive meetings to communicate on the emergence of a new approach to law, law with a human face, fast and efficient! An innovative service of legal consultations by videoconference, assisted by an intuitive online agenda. All this is complemented by an engaging, client-oriented presentation of its activity as a lawyer-mediator and its philosophy. A great collaboration that continues with the news and concerns of its clients on Facebook and on its Blog.

Ardenne et Gaume
Ardenne et Gaume logo

Étalle - Belgium

An independent, experienced and competent brokerage office with a single watchword: offering a quality service. The interests and satisfaction of their clients are the priority of Ardenne & Gaume Assurances!

An effective collaboration that resulted in a landing page with a modern, animated design that presents their services in a concise and engaging way. A presentation of the team that radiates dynamism and efficiency and ends with a contact block with an interactive map and form.

Fleuriste Kallisté
Fleuriste Kalliste

Arlon & Athus – Belgium

Four floral artists, original personalized flower arrangements, beautiful handcrafted creations and a close collaboration...

These were the necessary components for the creation of this flourishing site full of charm and creativity. Its complete and tailor-made e-shop is specially designed to meet the multiple personalized requests of their customers: from the size to the tone of the bouquet, and the delivery method.

Michel Petit & Fils
Michel Petit & Fils

Musson - Belgium

Family business created in 1956, having 16 employees specialized in the delivery of heating oil and pellets distribution.

A very nice meeting with the Petit Family, started in 2015 and creating a 3rd website with our agency. Specific features of the website: price evolution overview, online ordering, SEO optimized content, Facebook and Google reviews, Facebook news feed, etc.

Abil Insurance
Abil Insurance

Strassen - Luxembourg

A sharp expertise in the field of risk management consultancy and insurance brokerage.
Experience, skills (economic, legal, financial), local and customized are their main assets.

A pleasant collaboration between 2 worlds, finance and web, with a new multilingual website to strengthen Abil Insurance’s brand image.

Autour du regard
Autour du regard

Bertrange – Luxembourg

A resolutely feminine universe dedicated to beauty professionals, beauticians, wellness centers and so on.
An evolving and customized e-shop, central axis of their communication, with many features: abandoned cart recovery, advanced management of customer groups, calendar of trainings to be booked online, sales of videos and online consultations, blog, etc.

A collaboration over time between their marketing department and our agency.

Cardijn Lorraine
Cardijn Lorraine

Differt, Athus, Aubange – Belgium

Schools giving plenty of room for human expression and a better development of the pupils and students.

A nice meeting with 3 dynamic directors, very motivated to show the benefits of their school and attentive to our advices for a professional website.
Strategic thinking for a website highlighting both the specificities and the educational particularities of each school, while keeping a coherence between them.

CJL Services
CJL Services

Bertrix - Belgium

Company specialized in the sale and rental of construction and civil engineering equipment suitable for all types of work. A wide range of construction equipment, for professionals and individuals, very well maintained.

A meeting started with us in 2007, in the old offices of Mégabel, which became a very beautiful human adventure. A "catalog" website allowing to discover the specificities of each machine for a choice the best adapted to each use.

DC Systemes
DC Systemes

Esch-sur-Alzette - Luxembourg

Company with more than 20 years expertize, in the field of people security and assets for professionals and private individuals.

Beautiful collaborative exchanges led to a succesful webmarketing strategy, positioning and keyword analysis.
The result: a website allowing Internet users to navigate by sector of activity or by type of service, making it easier to access the information they are looking for.

A multidisciplinary team and 🤜🤛!

Your project will become ours!

That's why we will be keen to know who you are, your motivations, your objectives and your expectations in order to highlight: your company, your team, your products, your services, your assets and what drives you!

We are a 100% local team, with complementary skills combining creativity and technicality.

  • Caroline, creator of C. Concept and webmarketer, in love with flowers and aromatic plants..
  • Pierre, technology manager and digitalization specialist, charmer of a Pug.
  • Bastien, webmaster and technical project manager, seasoned sportsman and cycling star.
  • Alexandre, webdesigner and integrator, veteran aligner of color cubes.
  • Clovis, writer and web marketing assistant, fan of all kinds of games.
  • Petite Miss, CEO (Canine Executive Officer), a fierce ornithologist in her spare time who loves to walk in the surrounding villages of Mamer.

No more blabla about us! Choose a beautiful human adventure for a successful web project!

C. Concept's team

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