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This is the story of...

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By Caroline Bernier

6 December 2023




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This is the story of...

This is the story of the The shoemaker is always poorly shod".Montaigne wrote in his Essais in the 1500s, and it's still very relevant today!

It's true that many of us don't enjoy the benefits of our own profession! Many of us put a lot of care into our work for our customers and show less dedication to our own. Would you be affected by this situation too?

In all your finery!

Listening to you, learning about the specifics of your profession, discovering what drives you to make the most of yourself is a job I particularly enjoy! And it's all done with beautiful words, beautiful turns of phrase, adorable photos and visuals and always with sincere authenticity. It's so easy for me to talk about you, your expertise and the talents at work in your company, and present you at your very best! By combining my copywriting with good practices such as SEO optimisation, my aim is to set you apart from your competitors, by "sometimes" going off the beaten track and using conventional descriptions!

A subtle balance...

A question of balance
So why is it so easy for me to talk about you and so complicated to talk about us, our agency "More than web", our services and everything we can do for you?
On the occasion of the creation of our new websiteThis exercise was all the more essential for us as we had to do it ourselves in order to remain credible in our own eyes!
Instead of being able to put on pretty 7-league boots, which in the end wouldn't have belonged to us, we put on stilts... to help us showcase ourselves through a website and blog to boot (!), which we're delighted to unveil to you today! From you to us, it's been quite a balancing act! Yes, it was.

But who will take the biscuit?

Visual of who's taking the piss When we write for you, we can count on our exterior eyeOur inquisitive, friendly approach makes creating your content a natural process. Our pen adapts smoothly and comfortably and illustrates a very positive expression: " Finding the right shoe " !

Oops, gentlemen... These comments concern you too!

Visual men's shoes We hope you enjoy reading this, and thank you once again for the confidence you've shown in us for the last ¼ of a century!

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Stay tuned!

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