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Creative and emotional marketing agencyOur creative webmarketing agency to advise and guide you in the development of your commercial strategy !

Creative & emotional marketing

What is the purpose of creative marketing?
To establish a new link with your potential customers in a crowded market? To stand out in the eyes of increasingly busy web users?
To find an alternative to aggressive price positioning?
Emotional marketing sets your company apart in a society in search of sensations!

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SolutionsCreative solutions to boost your commercial strategy !

Creative marketing diagnosis

Solutions Diagnostic marketing créatif Luxembourg

Knowing how instilling and transmitting human values that benefit your customer serviceindividual motivation and team cohesion is the objective of the creative marketing diagnosis.

This involves strategic thinking about how to put people at the heart of your SME's concerns. This is complemented by ways of identifying, encouraging and communicating the positive actions that have already been implemented, as well as identifying areas for improvement. A philosophy that benefits everyone!

Communication benchmark

Solutions Benchmark en communication Luxembourg

Providing the best keys to improvement to boost the performance of your communication initiatives is the objective of communication benchmark. We evaluate and compare the communication of your products/services and values/methods with those of your competitors and partners to identify best practice and transform it into a benchmark for continuous improvement.

All this while defining performance indicators to be presented in results reports to keep your teams motivated.

Creative marketing consultancy

Solutions Consultance en marketing créatif Luxembourg

Breathe new life into your communications and achieve unexpected results is the aim of the creative marketing consultancy.

By starting a strategic thinking process on the contribution of creative marketing to your SME, you assess its potential and the benefits for you and your teams. We offer you " quick wins "This will enable you to get started, test and measure the impact of your new way of communicating.

Creative marketing supply chain

Solutions Supply chain marketing créatif Luxembourg

Achieve significant commercial results for a low investment by implementing a creative marketing value chain.

These are reenchant your customers' shopping experience by defining and carrying out a series of small, recurring high-impact creative marketing actions at lower cost. This strategy has become essential and is having an impact on the the quality of your customer service and the development of your employees !

Customer satisfaction audit

Solutions Customer satisfaction audit Luxembourg

Improve customer satisfaction is the aim of our customer satisfaction audit.

It consists of 2 complementary parts: the definition of the information to be collected and the expected indicatorsand theanalysis of means of communication to be implemented to obtain relevant and usable advice. Satisfying your customers is the royal road to building their loyalty !

ApproachYour strategy marketing out of the box comes to life step by step

It all starts with your digital profile...

When you call on our agency, you can be sure of full technical support your website: web design, integration, web development, etc.
With regard to all the components of your site: definition of your objectives, your positioning, your SEO, the functionalities and their specific configuration, your content (texts, visuals, call to action) we offer you 4 types of support depending on your digital profile.

You're more of a...
Web connoisseur profile


Web connoisseur profile

ProfileA connoisseur?

Co-creator web profile


Partner web profile

ProfileA partner?

...Followed by good planning!

Creative marketing audit

1. Creative marketing audit

Creative marketing inspiration board

2. Creative marketing inspiration board

Creation of creative marketing content

3. Creation of creative marketing content

Creative marketing supply chain

4. Creative marketing supply chain

Digital training to develop your customer service

5. Digital training to develop your customer service

Continuous improvement of your customer service

6. Continuous improvement of your customer service

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Image Creative marketing audit

Creative marketing audit

The way to differentiate your SME by communicating the human values you stand for!

How to identify, encourage and communicate the human values that are effective within your company? How to use emotions to improve the quality of your customer service, individual motivation and team cohesion?
What messages and what actions Will your customers, staff and partners know that they are important to you, that you care about them?

Thanks to à the audit of marketing creative, you'll have an analysis of how to differentiate your SME through communication based on the human values you stand for!

Image Creative marketing inspiration board

Creative marketing inspiration board

A visual aid to help you understand a theme, its message, chronology and indicators of success.

After carrying out your strategic marketing audit, how communicate the values your SME stands for without betraying or misrepresenting you?  How to select the themes to be implemented on a concrete and well-constructed basis? Creative marketing inspiration boards are digital media that bring together all the key ideas of a campaign in a structured and comprehensive way. Each inspiration board answers the questions of what and how to use contextual information, what type of illustrations, photos, text and colours to create an atmosphere and make the proposed concept easier to understand. In addition, each inspiration board is completed with the campaign objective and strategic statement, target audience, message, success indicators, budget and timeline.

Thanks to the inspiration boards, you can make informed choices to save time and money, while ensuring that your actions are consistent with each other.

Image Creative marketing content

Creation of creative marketing content

Creative marketing can be applied to all your promotional materials and customer services to rekindle your customer relationships!

At this stage, you have selected the concepts to be implemented, based on the proposals illustrated and detailed on the creative marketing inspiration boards.
How can you transform the ideas you have chosen into "out of the box" content with the right tone of voice, without distorting your values? Using emotions to communicate requires boldness and a great deal of nuance to give your concepts the authenticity they deserve!
Did you know that creative marketing can be used for much more than just promotional material? It can easily be used in all phases of your customer service to reenchant your customer relationships!

By producing "out of the box" content: photos, visuals, slogan, text, call to action, layout... you have all the keys you need to make the magic happen!

Creative marketing supply chain image

Creative marketing supply chain

A solution to enhance your role as advisor and your expert recommendations to your customers and increase your confidence!

How can you reenchant your customers' shopping experience both online and in your shop or showroom? How can you make the most of commercial and promotional concepts to give your company's image extra credibility and confidence?
How can you reduce the perception of your role as a salesperson in favour of enhancing the value of your consultancy services and expert recommendations?
How can you define and implement a series of small, recurring actions to further strengthen your brand's links with your customers?

The creative marketing supply chain allows you to astonish, dazzle and charm customers who are sensitive to small, unexpected gestures, to the fact that they are finally being listened to and considered. Implementing your creative marketing supply chain gives you a high impact at a low cost. It will not only improve the quality of your customer service, but also enhance the image of your customers and employees!

Image Digital training to develop your customer service

Digital training to develop your customer service

Ongoing training to keep you on track as you implement your creative marketing supply chain and get even closer to your customers!

How do you set up a database of qualified emails: collection, transmission, use and ongoing updating? How do you create, manage and distribute effective email campaigns? How can you understand and analyse their results? How can you implement and collect customer reviews and actions based on the results obtained? How can you improve the answers to your customers' questions to position yourself as an expert, while automating some of the responses? How can you manage customer comments on your social networks and turn them to your advantage? How can you create, run and promote a competition, tease it out and track participants?

Acquiring and continually improving your staff's digital skills will enhance the quality of your customer service, making it easier to implement your creative marketing supply chain?

Image Continuous improvement of your customer service

Continuous improvement of your customer service

Leverage your data for strategic decision-making.

Did you know that the cost of acquiring new customers can be up to +40% higher than the cost of retaining existing customers? So how do you renew your "routines" for improving your creative marketing supply chain? How can you keep your staff involved and get new ones to stick with it, knowing that this is the key to achieving your best ROI?

Based on your data, a a good internal communications strategy is part of a continuous improvement process, adapting actions with lower results and boosting those with higher potential!


...and much more besides!

From production... to communicating your success internally!

Once you've implemented your creative marketing initiatives, the challenge is to communicate the results effectively internally, to improve the quality of your customer service and motivate your staff!

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What can you do to encourage your teams to adopt creative marketing initiatives and keep them focused on the 1001 details that make your customer service extraordinary? How can you make customer satisfaction a strategic objective for your company?
Promote the value of your employees through internal communications that highlight the benefits of their individual and team involvement!

Image Promotion


How can we stimulate new ideas and "out of the box" concepts? How can we put in place a strategic thinking process that encourages the emergence of new actions?
Breathe new life into your communications with creative marketing consultancy!

Image Scalability


How can you get your teams to buy into your creative marketing initiatives? How can you easily communicate the right information to them, highlighting the good results achieved, while enabling them to implement actions for improvement?

Strategic marketing coaching offers you the benefits of an outside eye when it comes to analysing the evolution of your performance and the way you present your indicators!
Image Communication

Data & Analytics

How can you analyse changes in customer satisfaction at every stage of your sales process? How can you assess the adoption rate of your creative marketing actions by your teams?
Convert your data into performance indicators and optimise the impact of each of your actions thanks to our digital training!

Image Data & Analytics

We've told you just about everything there is to know about our creative marketing agency... and we still don't know a thing about you, the reader! Why don't you tell us what drives you, how you want to re-enchant your customers? 😊

They told us about their creative marketing strategyThe success of our customers, through a strategy "Out of the box!

Silonet Silonet


Creation and development of a new brand, through a universe and its character, to facilitate understanding of a new service with a complex process and being a global innovation.


IT convergence IT convergence

IT convergence

Design and production of a creative, thematic and classy brand image using the symbol of the chess game, an allegory representing the technical and strategic nature of IT.
Operation Info Professions Operation Info Professions

Operation Info Professions

Creative digital marketing strategy representing the core target (young people aged 16 to 18) to raise awareness and motivate them to attend a careers fair.
Upgrade competition Upgrade competition

Upgrade competition

MS Cresco MS Cresco

MS Cresco





IT convergence

IT convergence

Operation Info Professions

Operation Info Professions

Upgrade competition

Upgrade competition

MS Cresco

MS Cresco

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