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Our philosophy

Passionate, demanding and innovative, you're an expert in your field. You're full of ideas and ingenuity when it comes to developing new products and services.

But do your prospects and potential customers know this? Are you sure you have mastered the codes of digital communication in the vastness of the web?

Of course a website, an e-shop or a digital strategy must meet your expectations, but it's first and foremost the needs of your prospects and customers that must be met! Did you know that behind the screen lies a web surfer, a human being who needs to be attracted, informed, surprised... and finally seduced! The aim of the "More than web" philosophy is to introduce you to a new approach and new processes BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the implementation of your digital project to convert your prospects into customers!

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C. Concept The agency that brings you closer to your customers

To achieve your objectives in terms of visibility, increased turnover and efficiency, are you ready to start thinking differently by diversifying your angles of vision? Our "More than web" philosophy is designed to bring you closer to your customers, so that they choose your company! It's the most effective way of getting ahead of your competitors!

The right direction

Know the right direction from the 1st step

"There's no favourable wind for those who don't know where they're going! Seneca

Let's start by defining in a very concrete way your business objectives and their milestones, your human and financial resources, your deadlines and all the building blocks needed to implement your digital project. The more concrete it is, the more successful the result will be, right from the start!

Experts in popularising the web

Experts in the field

The world of the web is no longer in a state of constant flux - it's in a state of perpetual change! Everything is moving very fast, too fast! What's more, the easier digital tools are for your users, the more complex they are to set up and maintain over time. That's why our agency puts a lot of emphasis on the scalability of the solutions we offer, on the accessibility of our processes and on tailor-made tutorials, all to make it easier for you to understand and make informed decisions.

A shared commitment

A shared commitment

By agreeing to diversify your angles of view, by adopting a philosophy that brings you closer to your customers, by knowing very precisely how to carry out your digital project to reach the ideal destination, you're already on the right track!

If you let us help you understand the codes and challenges of the web, all that's left for you to do is to develop your digital skills by taking our training courses and co-creating your project together!

Your web solutions... ... Thoughts from A to WWW !

All our solutions are offered on a turnkey basis and coupled with our personalised support process that adapts to your digital profile. Our mission: to make it easier for you to digitalise your sales and communication processes!

Quality, technicality and safety

Quality, technical expertise and safety!

Just as a website can offer creative content, so its "back office" must be packed with engineering and technical solutions, comply with strict standards and security measures, and keep up with the machinery of processes (software updates, back-ups, RGPD monitoring) to ensure the long-term future of your digital project.

Autonomous management

Your autonomous management made easy!

Once your site, e-shop or digital strategy has been set up, it needs to be followed up over time if you are to achieve the desired results! To get to grips with your "tool", you have the choice of discovering all the possibilities it has to offer on your own, with a great deal of effort. With our team, we prefer to train you in how to use your interface effectively, and show you the best 'shortcuts' to make your day-to-day management easier. With this in mind, we also provide you with tailor-made tutorials, little reminders that are always close at hand!

And the scalability of your web solution!

Results optimised by your data!

You'll have a high-performance tool that's tailored to your business, thanks to the iterative processes you've put in place. Then comes the next stage, which consists of achieving and improving your results over time: increased visibility, more contacts and customer conversions... This is where the analysis and use of your data plays a vital role, enabling you to adapt your strategy, take corrective action and innovate in new ways.

More than web A philosophy to share with you!

In conclusion, the "More than web" philosophy is also the result of an iterative process, the result of a wealth of experience built on meetings with entrepreneurs with contrasting personalities, projects carried out in very different business sectors, and problems transformed into opportunities! Think back to the world of the web before the year 2000... Well, we were already there, because our agency was created in 1999. Over 25 years' experience that we look forward to sharing with you.

Digital expertise

Creativity at the service of your business!

When creating new services, products or processes, their successes all have one thing in common: solving a problem by taking new paths, breaking the codes of routine thinking.

To boost the appeal of what you make, to enhance the services you offer, to improve your customers' shopping experience, we complement our digital expertise by harnessing creativity to serve your business through :

Multidisciplinary IT team

Test the "More than web" philosophy step by step!

Like all philosophies, the More than web philosophy is not something you decide on! It's acquired step by step, through the experiences and successes we share together. Our team has neither the desire nor the pretension to revolutionise your company! Through our ideas, our experience, our personality and our attention to detail, each member of our team invites you to sample our way of taming the world of the web, quite simply!

Exponential gains

Ready for exponential gains?

Perhaps you're wondering about the merits of all the above; wondering "how long it will take you to complete your project by following our recommendations and processes"? That's right, and you still have the opportunity to choose!

So, let us suggest that you ask yourself whether you would be prepared, thanks to our approach, to set out together directly the right framework and method that will lead your digitisation project to success, and do it in 1ᵉʳ shot! Your initial investment will be transformed into exponential gains, all in a spirit of goodwill and enthusiasm!

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