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The success of your digital project is the sum of a multitude of elements to be defined, created, assembled and orchestrated... The added challenge is that each project is unique and has its own particularities! With our philosophy of making the web ever more accessible and effective for your SME, we've developed our ultra-personalised support process to meet YOUR specific needs, throughout the life of your project!

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Digital profile

How would you like to be accompanied ?

When you call on our agency, you can be sure that we will take full technical responsibility for your website: web design, integration, module configuration, web development, mobile first, security, RGPD, hosting, technical updates, etc.

When it comes to all the elements that make up your site: defining your objectives, your positioning, specific configurations, your SEO, functionalities and the creation and production of your content (texts, visuals, calls to action), we offer 4 types of support, depending on your digital profile.

It all starts with support your needs and your digital profile !

Formula 1


Formula 2


Formula 3


Formula 4


Formula 1


Experienced profile
Autonomy & professional support

Based on your experience, you want to manage the creation of your site while relying on a clear framework and precise information on all the constituent elements that you will have to provide. Support with customised tutorials is just what you need!

With an Experienced Profile, you receive :
  • Practical tutorials and all the written information you need to make your digital project a success.
  • Professional, step-by-step monitoring, according to the schedule drawn up at the start of your project.
  • A check to ensure that the documents you provide are complete and correct.

Our support is tailored to your " Experienced profile " ?

Formula 2


Knowledgeable Profile
Training & professional follow-up

Being trained and developing your digital skills so that you can get straight down the right path is a priority. You want straightforward guidance on the best way to create and implement all the elements of your digital project.
Support based on training and practical exercises at every stage of the project is your best choice!

With a Knowledgeable Profile, in addition to all the information and guidance included in the Experienced Profile, you receive :
  • "One-to-one" video training courses focusing on best practice and our tips and tricks to help you succeed with your digital project.
  • Personalised advice tailored to the specific needs of your business, to help you make the right choices for your visual and editorial content.
  • Feedback on the consistency of your production with your pre-defined objectives.

Our support is tailored to your " Knowledgeable Profile " ?

Formula 3


Co-creator profile
Training & Coaching & professional follow-up

For you, results are achieved by being supported and advised by professionals in their field! After the information and training stages, you prefer to co-analyse, co-create and co-write with performance as your objective.
Digital coaching is your choice, because it combines your business expertise with our digital expertise!

With a Co-creator Profile, in addition to all the information, guidance and training included in the Insider Profile, you benefit from :
  • Regular follow-up, punctuated by discussion meetings and brainstorming sessions to assemble and create all the visual, editorial, analysis and configuration elements you need to make your digital project a success!
  • Coaching services that encourage co-creation to get the job done right the first time, with complete peace of mind!
  • We'll complete, refine and SEO optimise all the elements together!

Our support is tailored to your " Co-creator profile " ?

Formula 4


Partner Profile
Comprehensive care & proactivity

For you, it's only the results that count: more visits, more interactions, more visibility, more awareness, more efficiency, more sales, more turnover... Success translates into figures!
The support you prefer is delegation driven by the exploitation of the data from your digital project!

With a Partner Profile, after a detailed analysis and in-depth targeting of your needs, you benefit from :
  • A complete package, from A to WWW, with proposals tailored to the specific needs of your business, to boost the success of your sales and promotional projects!
  • Proactive support to help you identify the best opportunities and stay one step ahead of your competitors!
  • An ROI-based approach, focused on results and performance indicators, enabling you to make informed decisions throughout the life of your digitisation project!

Our support is tailored to your " Partner Profile " ?

The choice of support package is yours 😊!
Your success will depend on whether your objectives and resources (human, financial, deadlines, etc.) are in line, relevant and appropriate!

Our web agency will support you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the completion of your digital project!

Did you know that the world of the Internet is calling for ever greater adaptations: bigger, faster, more complex and constantly evolving! Whatever the scale of your digitisation project, you need to take it into account in this globalised, fast-changing world!

Our "More than web" philosophy is based on our commitment to making the web easier for you, and our support is characterised by the fact that we never leave you alone to face your difficulties, by simply being there for you and listening to what you have to say!

Digital project definition

Definition & Planning

You've dreamt up your business plan, imagined it, built and deconstructed it, fine-tuned it and improved it before it came to fruition. At every stage in the deployment and growth of your SME, the same iterative process is at work.

Your digitisation project requires just as much care, and even more because, even if you have good technical knowledge, the Internet is not part of your business skills!

So what could be more natural than to recommend that you take the time to define the details:

  • your digitalisation objectives, their stages and success criteria;
  • their characteristics and specific features;
  • the resources to be allocated (human, financial, time budget);
  • ...

Depending on your digital profile and your expectations, we can help you, among other things, with :

  • from the definition of your project through to its specifications;
  • from analysis of your competitive positioning to business solutions;
  • from defining your schedule to allocating tasks;
  • ...

All with a roadmap made up of quantifiable and measurable objectives!

Elephant pictogram

Remember, an elephant eats one small piece at a time!

Methodology & success

Methodology & success

Once your project is clearly defined, with its deadlines and the identification of the stakeholders and their areas of responsibility, the challenge is to complete EACH stage with a "right first time" result!

This objective is all the easier to achieve if you follow our process, which is based on 25 years' experience in digital and the fruit of benchmark practice in over 30 different business sectors.

In a few words, our process for making your digital project a success consists of :

  • our ability to listen to your specific business needs;
  • exchanges to validate mutual understanding of expectations and the means to achieve them;
  • clear, structured information on everything we need to know;
  • production of functional mock-ups;
  • creating graphic models;
  • video presentations and discussions;
  • written validation at each stage.

It's all about combining efficiency with peace of mind!

Pictogram of horses

Remember, if we take it easy on our horses, together we can go further!


Reporting & Proactivity

Dare we say that it's always the "first step" that costs; the decision, the "it's OK, it's GO"?
So at this stage you've taken your first digital step: with defined objectives, a plan and a methodology, a real win-win-win commitment!

The obvious question then arises: how can we ensure that we stay on the right track, at the right tempo, with objectives that are increasingly refined, optimised and updated?

"You can't improve what you can't measure!
The good news is that everything can be measured in a digitisation process, and as it is iterative you can sequence your progress challenges. By adopting a continuous improvement approach, your projects will meet with the support of your customers, employees and partners.

With our support, we translate your progress into key figures and proposals, using positive, caring communication to make it easier to understand and motivate your teams!

Process pictogram

Because remember, we share a common goal: to keep you on the path to digitalisation that makes sense!

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