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How can you benefit from an e-shop that sells to more customers, more often and with an ever-growing shopping basket?
By increasing the appeal of the products/services presented?
How can we ensure that the online shopping experience continues the in-store experience?
By offering "Web to store" functionalities?
Each SME has its own specific online sales strategy to deliver tenfold results!

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SolutionsE-shops to sell more, more often!

Online shop

Luxembourg Online Store Solutions

La digitising your sales is the objective of a online shop by offering you a single management interface for the 24/7 monitoring of your salesthe managing your stocksautomated production of your commercial documents and the secure payment management.  

It can be implemented with a wide range of functions such as abandoned basket recovery, pre-sales, loyalty cards and personalised digital gift vouchers, and has all the marketing and sales features of the online catalogue.

Online sales site (B2C or B2B)

Solutions Online sales site (B2C or B2B) Luxembourg

Boosting your sales by presenting the values and strengths of your business (team, services, after-sales service) and your products is the aim of a B2B or B2C online sales site.

It has all the marketing and sales features and functions of an online shop, while at the same time emphasising the reassurance and quality of your products/services with FAQ functions, certified reviews, detailed product descriptions (technical data sheets), online chat, etc.

Multi-channel sales site (B2C & B2B)

Solutions Multi-channel sales site (B2C & B2B) Luxembourg

The aim is to appeal simultaneously and distinctly to a target group of private and professional customers. a B2B & B2C multi-channel sales site. It offers new business opportunities through features such as advanced customer group management, automated VAT calculations, B2B carrier management, restriction of payment methods by customer group, etc.

It also has all the marketing and commercial features of a online sales site.

One page of online sales

One page online sales solutions Luxembourg

Proposing and boosting the sale of a unique product or service is the objective of a " one page online sales "A high-performance e-commerce solution. It combines the marketing and sales features of a landing page by adding payment solutions. It also emphasises reassurance through the use of verified opinion modules, testimonials, etc. It's an excellent way of testing out a new market, for example!

Online checkout solution

Solutions Online checkout solution Luxembourg

Real-time synchronisation of your product stocks and customer data is what a online checkout solution. Your "physical" cash register integrates with the management of your web shop, which can all be managed via a single interface. The whole system can be operated using a standard computer, a receipt printer and a handheld scanner, drastically reducing your hardware investment.

We use the latest technologies and tools available to make your project timeless

ApproachYour e-shop creation comes to life step by step

It all starts with your digital profile...

When you call on our agency, you can be sure of full technical support your website: web design, integration, web development, etc.
With regard to all the components of your site: definition of your objectives, your positioning, your SEO, the functionalities and their specific configuration, your content (texts, visuals, call to action) we offer you 4 types of support depending on your digital profile.

You're more of a...
Web connoisseur profile


Web connoisseur profile

ProfileA connoisseur?

Co-creator web profile


Partner web profile

ProfileA partner?

...Followed by good planning!

High-performance e-commerce strategy

1. Effective e-commerce strategy

4-hand writing for sales

2. 4-hand writing for sales

WebDesign - UXDesign e-commerce

3. WebDesign - UXDesign e-commerce

E-commerce web development

4. Web development e-commerce site

Digital training in sales management and promotion

5. Digital training for sales management and promotion

Proactive management of hosting and technical support for your online shop

6. Proactive management of hosting and technical support for your online shop

What we offer

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Image High-performance e-commerce strategy

High-performance e-commerce strategy

Your e-business strategy to master the key factors boosting your sales!

Where starting your online shop project? How to Define your turnover targets and sales calendar? In what way implement flow management: booking, ordering, payment, packaging, shipping, etc. By what means Position yourself, differentiate yourself from your competitors and stay ahead of them? What to put in place to attract and retain your customers?

By deploying a high-performance e-business strategy, you'll master all the key technical and organisational factors that will lead you to success!

Image 4-hand writing for sales

4-hand writing for sales

A formula for winning over your customers that combines your business expertise with our web marketing skills

On the web, without being able to use your sense of touch, smell or taste, in what way make your products/services irresistible?
How to write descriptions that meet your customers' needs and encourage them to click on "add to basket"? In what way organising your sales pitch so that your visitors have all the information they need, at the right time and in the right place, to feel confident about placing their order on your e-shop? By combining your business expertise with our webmarketing skills, we'll write your descriptions and processes together, you and us, by video or face-to-face.

4-handed writing for sales, an operation to seduce your customers into clicking!

Image WebDesign - UXDesign e-commerce

WebDesign - UXDesign e-commerce

An e-shop that guides your visitors through their shopping journey thanks to an optimised user experience!

Why Is Mobile First essential for your online shop? How to make the shopping experience on your e-shop? In what way raise your profile as an expert in your field? In what way ensure the visual consistency of all your sales materials? By what means convey your professionalism through the care you take with your products, orders, packaging and shipping? How can you promote the efficiency of your after-sales service?

By making UX Design a priority, you can increase the appeal of your online shop by improving your users' experience and maximising your conversions!

Image Web development e-commerce site

E-commerce web development

The best tool for selling more, more often and to more customers, 24/7, while automating your administrative tasks!

How to motivate your visitors to complete and validate their shopping basket? In what way manage abandoned shopping baskets? What to put in place so that your customers buy more, more often? How to Encourage them to get in touch if they encounter the slightest obstacle to completing their purchases? How to Gather information to increase their satisfaction and build loyalty? In what way reassure them to complete the payment stage? In what way optimise and automate the many workflows that make it easier to manage your e-shop?  How to validate implementation of e-shop best practice, guaranteeing you a high-performance purchasing tunnel and easy payment methods, as well as all the legal aspects (management of VAT, deliveries, automated invoicing, terms and conditions, etc.).

The development of an online shop and its functionalities specific to your SME and your sector of activity have a considerable leverage effect on the growth of your sales!

Image Digital training for sales management and promotion

Digital training in sales management and promotion

Ongoing e-commerce training tailored to the development of your e-shop and its functionalities to boost its appeal to your customers!

How can you unleash the full potential of your e-shop by using "shortcuts" and best practices? How to take charge of the management functions of your online shop independently (product catalogue, categories, special features, variations, promotional prices, stock management, abandoned shopping baskets and customer management).
How can you understand your customers' buying patterns and optimise the use of data from your sales table to boost your turnover? What and how can you set up additional sales opportunities? How can you highlight new products, promotions and stock clearance? What can you do to ensure that you have useful, user-friendly memos at your fingertips at all times? How can you and your team manage your orders independently?

Our targeted, one-to-one digital training courses combine technical expertise and web marketing to help you sell more, more often and to more customers, all in line with your needs. digital profile !

Image Proactive management of hosting and technical support for your online shop

Proactive management of hosting and technical support for your online shop

Anticipating technical updates and dealing with your requests quickly give you peace of mind for the long term!

How can you ensure that your online shop is highly accessible and fast enough to boost your sales? How can you ensure that your back-ups are regular because they are automated, and compliant because they have been checked? How can you ensure that your e-shop's security risks are minimised by applying regular updates?
Do you know who will quickly deal with your technical problem, whether or not it's linked to a handling error on your part?

The availability, display speed, compliance and security of your e-shop and its technical management are the result of rigorous, regular work that is only really appreciated when something goes wrong!


...and much more besides!

From production... to promoting your sales!

Once your e-shop is online, the challenge is to make it known and increase your sales over the seasons...

Agency advertising website Facebook Ads Website agency Google Ads advertising Matomo Website statistics Google Analytics website statistics


What can you do to ensure that your products and services appear directly in Google's top results? How can you get qualified traffic that converts straight away?

Increase your sales quickly with Google AdWords SEA campaigns!
Image Promotion


What can you do to boost the appeal of your online shop on a regular basis? How can you select and add the features that will boost your sales?

Improve your proactivity with "Strategic Marketing Consulting"!
Image Scalability


How can you sell your new products, exclusives and accessories, clear your stocks and build customer loyalty? How do you get them to look forward to your new ranges, tutorials and other "try for yourself" products?

Stay inspired and always ready to communicate at the right time with strategic marketing coaching!
Image Communication

Data & Analytics

How can you assess the relevance of your promotional activities? How can you set up effective tracking on your online shop or e-shop to obtain relevant, usable information?
Convert your data into performance indicators and optimise your budget with our digital training!

Image Data & Analytics

We've told you just about everything there is to know about our e-business agency... even though we still know nothing about you, the reader! Why don't you tell us what drives you, how you want your sales to take off? 😊

They told us about their project to create an online shopThe growth of our customers, our satisfaction !

Dreambubble Dreambubble


Start-up of a new niche activity with an e-shop, its thematic universe and its functionalities (pre-orders, relaunch of abandoned basket, etc.).
Around the Eye Around the Eye

Around the Eye

B2B e-shop with customer database migration and advanced functionalities (customer access rights management, price calculator, training calendar, etc.)
Gevediet Gevediet


Easily accessible B2C e-shop, for customers who are partly unfamiliar with the web, with automated invoicing and payment and easy, totally autonomous customer management.
China Collection China Collection

China Collection

B2C e-boutique with a web-to-store strategy and international reach, with rich editorial and visual content translated into 3 languages.
Onémo Onémo


E-shop for the sale of technical products with optimised sales process and downloadable technical data sheets.
Tendance Billard Tendance Billard

Tendance Billard

E-shop presenting 2 product ranges, their distinct universes and 2 objectives: a dynamic catalogue for table billiards and online sales for Disney decoration.


Around the Eye

Around the Eye



China Collection

China Collection



Tendance Billard

Tendance Billard

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