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Graphic design agency & photo studioOur graphic design skills and professional photo studio will boost your web brandingand everywhere else!


Why take special care with your visual communication?
Did you know that 80% of the information retained is through images? So how can you make your messages punchy and understandable to as many people as possible?
And what is the process for producing a clear, unified message to create a genuine brand identity?
With striking graphics, photos and visuals, you'll master the art of surprising, attracting, seducing and building customer loyalty!

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  • Distinguish your company from your competitors
  • Designs tailored to your communication media
  • Professional photo studio

SolutionsImage in power for capture your customers !

Visual identity

Visual Identity Solutions Luxembourg

Making your a unique and identifiable brand at first glance and reflect the personality and values of your company, all easily adaptable to small and large media, is the objective of your visual identity.

Together, we will define and create your graphic universe, step by step: logo, emblem, mascot, slogan, baseline, colourimetry, typography, visuals...

We carry out all your promotional material : business cards, leaflets, flyersetc. to showcase your professionalism through a strong brand image.

Pro product shooting

Solutions Shooting produits pro Luxembourg

Attracting prospects and increasing your bookings, sales and contact requests is the objective of a shooting produits pro.

On the Internet, the senses of taste, smell and touch are absent and can only be replaced by sight, which means that your photos have a vital role to play in boosting your conversion rate!

Our photographer combines expertise in digital tools, mastery of lighting, visual acuity and the soul of a passionate artist to sublimate your photos and make your products irresistible !

Out of the box" photo report

Solutions Photo report "out of the box" Luxembourg

Demonstrating your know-how, your ability to innovate, your dynamism and that of your employees is the objective of a out of the box" reportage.

In this all-digital world, photos no longer express anything because they are devoid of meaning, and good photos have become very rare.

As well as mastering the technical aspects of its tools, our photographer brings his vision and gives meaning to your messagesto express your values without disguising them. The soul of our photographer guides and nurtures your story to make your messages authentic and catchy !

Professional video

Professional Video Solutions Luxembourg

Bringing you closer to your customers, reaching a wider audience, capturing a new target, highlighting your company or your brand and communicating your values is the role of a professional video.

To be eye-catching, your video needs to combine a number of assets: a convincing script tailored to the target audiencea impeccable quality in terms of images, sound, editing, duration, tempo - all to make you stand out from the crowd!

Animation video

Animation Video Solutions Luxembourg

Illustrate a message creativelyThe aim of a film is to inform the viewer about a subject that cannot be filmed, such as a process or a future event. animation video.

This is ideal for making your ideas accessible or your concept simple, original, fun or friendly. What's more, the characters in your animated video put their heart and soul into conveying emotions and serving your own story to make your films more appealing. captivating and... engaging communications !

ApproachYour strong brand image is created step by step

It all starts with your digital profile...

When you call on our agency, you can be sure of full technical support your website: web design, integration, web development, etc.
With regard to all the components of your site: definition of your objectives, your positioning, your SEO, the functionalities and their specific configuration, your content (texts, visuals, call to action) we offer you 4 types of support depending on your digital profile.

You're more of a...
Web connoisseur profile


Web connoisseur profile

ProfileA connoisseur?

Co-creator web profile


Partner web profile

ProfileA partner?

...Followed by good planning!

Brand strategy

1. Brand strategy

Brand image specifications

2. Brand image specifications

Creating your brand universe

3. Creating your brand universe

Creation of support materials for your new brand image

4. Creation of materials for your new brand image

Digital training in communication tools

5. Digital training in communication tools

Follow-up of loyalty actions

6. Follow-up on loyalty campaigns

What we offer

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Image Brand strategy

Brand strategy

The most natural way of getting closer to your customers, building loyalty and turning them into fans of your brand!

How to turn your customers into fans of your brand? In what way define your world and all its constituent elements: values, feelings, characteristics, visuals, style... so that your audience can identify them and associate them with your products or services? How to determine your tactics and the objectives that flow from them?

Thanks to a strong brand strategy, you can optimise your customers' experience, getting closer to them to win them over and build their loyalty!

Image Brand image specifications

Brand image specifications

The creation of a world in line with your needs and your values reinforces the impact of your messages!

Once you have defined your brand strategy, you need to define concretely your entire brand universe. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors, with what visual and verbal elements, what style... so that you are immediately recognisable and identified by your target audience?
The specifications for your brand image answers the question of how to ensure that your expectations and objectives have been properly understood before the graphic and editorial work begins. How to save considerable time in the construction of all the constituent elements. How to provide a guide for the various parties involved in producing your marketing and promotional materials: logo, photos, illustrations, web design, signage, printer, goodies, etc.

The specifications for your brand image make it easier to communicate with your customers, partners and employees, who also have a role to play!

Image Realisation of your brand universe

Creating your brand universe

A world in which your needs, expectations and decisions are respected for all your marketing and promotional materials!

After defining the specifications for your brand image, the question is how to translate each element of your brand universe into words and images. How do you ensure that all the elements are consistent with each other?
This involves defining the colour palette, creating your logo, its emblem, its base line, the illustrations, choosing the typeface and your slogan. How each element should be used: in what format, against what background, in what way, in order to increase the perception of your brand's professionalism and your positioning as an expert.
As well as reinforcing the consistency of your messages, the creation of each element and its variations ensures that your decisions are respected. It also allows you to make economies of scale by providing all the formats (png, jpg, vector) you need for your media: printing, signs, embroidery, vehicle lettering, etc.

As well as the advantages mentioned above, what about the peace of mind they give you too!

Image Creating the media for your new brand image

Creation of support materials for your new brand image

Management and coordination from A to Z of the production of your promotional and commercial materials with partners who share our high quality standards!

How can you guarantee the quality of your promotional and marketing materials, respecting the best practices defined in your specifications and produced in your brand universe? At C. Concept, our expertise is focused on the analysis, creation, development and deployment of digital and marketing solutions. To each his own!
With over 25 years' experience in communications, we have built up a solid address book of professional partners who share our commitment to quality and respect for customer requirements. Thanks to these relationships of trust built up over the years with professionals we enjoy working with, our team manages and coordinates solutions from A to Z to offer you greater efficiency, guaranteed results and peace of mind throughout the process!

A range of tailor-made solutions in a number of areas, including :

  • Digital printing, vehicle lettering
  • Installation of computer equipment
  • Network solutions
  • Graphics and illustration
  • Audiovisual
  • Personalised goodies...
Image Digital training in communication tools

Digital training in communication tools

Ongoing, step-by-step training to improve the adoption and correct use of your communication media!

How can you ensure that all the elements that make up your brand universe are used perfectly? What can you do to ensure that each employee has their own personalised email signature, updated with the correct version? How can you ensure the consistency of your customer communications, such as new FAQs? How do you structure them, write them, optimise them for SEO, publish them on your website, and communicate internally about them? How and in what format can you draw up checklists to ensure compliance with standards relating to the dissemination of your image? How can you set up a repository of good commercial and digital communication practices?

Respecting the standards linked to your brand universe ensures that your media are consistent with each other and reinforces the impact of your image with your "fan" clientele!

Image Follow-up of loyalty actions

Follow-up of loyalty actions

Matching the what, how and who to effectively measure customer satisfaction

Did you know that the costs of acquiring new customers can be up to +40% higher than the costs of retaining your customer base? So how can you stay close to your customers' expectations, needs and wishes? How do you define what you want to measure in terms of customer satisfaction? How do you deploy the right tools to obtain the right indicators on the basis of which you can improve your loyalty initiatives? How can you involve your employees, who are an integral part of the customer satisfaction process?

In an increasingly competitive world, measuring your customers' satisfaction using the right indicators and the right tools, and endorsed by your employees, is the key to building customer loyalty and turning them into fans of your brand!


...and much more besides!

From implementation... to the adoption of your new brand image by your customers!

Once you've implemented your new brand image, the challenge is to communicate effectively to keep your customers loyal and win over new ones!

Agency advertising website Facebook Ads Website agency Google Ads advertising Matomo Website statistics Google Analytics website statistics


What can you do to give your new image optimum visibility? How can you lessen the impact of the transition between your old and your new brand image?

Boost the visibility of your new brand image quickly with Google AdWords SEA campaigns!
Image Promotion


How do you manage the changes associated with a new brand image, a new target, new processes? What can be done to boost initiatives with potential and adapt those that are not delivering the expected results?

Keep your performance indicators up to date and take a step back in analysing them with "Strategic Marketing Advice"!
Image Scalability


How can you objectively assess the facts during the transformation of your new brand image for your customers and employees? How can you manage the uncertainties inherent in this period of transition and change?

Strategic marketing coaching offers you the benefits of an outside eye to help you manage the impact of this renewal more easily!
Image Communication

Data & Analytics

How can you assess the impact of your new brand image on your sales? How can you analyse the relevance of your communications to your new targets? How and where can you collect relevant, usable information?
Convert your data into performance indicators and optimise your budget with our digital training!

Image Data & Analytics

We've told you just about everything there is to know about our branding agency... and we still don't know a thing about you, the reader! Why don't you tell us what drives you, how you imagine turning your customers into fans of your brand? 😊

They have entrusted us with their brand imageThe long-term future of our customers, our goal !

Ecotec Ecotec


Professional photo reportage to illustrate the waste recycling business, for the client's website as well as the production of fine art photos sublimating the future 2ᵉ life of the objects, printed in large formats to testify to the company's sustainable philosophy.
Gevediet Gevediet


Highlighting the brand's products on its online shop with a professional photoshoot and graphic banners illustrating the advantages and benefits of the food supplements sold.
Silonet Silonet


Creation and production of an animated video illustrating a new, isolated mechanical process that cannot be photographed or filmed, to make it easier to understand the economic and ecological benefits of the service provided.
Dream Bubble Dream Bubble

Dream Bubble

Designing a graphic universe based on pop culture and manga, with a strategic choice of colours. Blue to embody loyalty and yellow to symbolise friendship, two values that capture the essence of manga culture.
Bodelet SCRL Bodelet SCRL

Bodelet SCRL

Creation of original, eye-catching sales aids to promote sales and build customer loyalty: flyers, leaflets, "passe tête" panels for sales events, engraved knives, etc.
Butzen Spaass day nursery Butzen Spaass day nursery

Butzen Spaass day nursery

The digital strategy was to create and produce promotional digital media from the start of construction work on the crèche, so that it could be inaugurated with a full book of reservations!






Dream Bubble

Dream Bubble

Bodelet SCRL

Bodelet SCRL

Butzen Spaass day nursery

Butzen Spaass day nursery

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