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From chrysalis to butterfly!

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By Caroline Bernier

6 December 2023


A real favourite!


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From chrysalis to butterfly!

What is our model of the day?

Take a good look at my photo. Would you like to see me hanging in your office, decorating your living room, or adding a touch of originality to your kitchen? You're probably wondering "Who am I?
Take a few seconds and guess 🙂 !
In fact, you see me every day and pay me very little attention. Little do you know that under Pierre's watchful eye, I've become an object to be proudly displayed... Even though I'm a product of recycling...
By showing myself off in all my finery, by elevating myself to the status of an art photo, I hope to encourage you to sort your rubbish even better... You know, all those little actions that are essential to improving our future and that of our children...

Pierre, our photographer

Can you dare to seek harmony in the midst of chaos and deliver an unexpected result? My client had asked me for a report to illustrate his new website. So first I responded to his request and then my sensitivity did the rest!

My challenges

In the midst of noise, dust, chaos and a tangle of all kinds, everything was confusion, disorder, scattering, intermingling...
The first challenge was to photograph the mess. To bear witness to the end of life of all these objects, which were part of our daily lives: here they are, disorganised, broken, soiled and abandoned.

The second The challenge was to imagine a second life for them, their recycling, a new beginning, a chrysalis turning into a butterfly.
All this rubbish, I had to observe it, scrutinise it, catch the beautiful things that appeared before my eyes, seize and capture these furtive moments during which harmony appeared: swirls, volutes, waves, undulations. So much more than a transformation!

David, CEO of Ecotec

Davidour client

When the results were presented, Pierre first showed me the report I'd asked for. It met my expectations. Then I got to see the second part of his work and I realised that he had put his soul at the service of my philosophy: recycling... which for me is much more than just a job!

Discover the result !

Like David, you want to showcase your products?

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