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Have you heard of the "Pearl of the Gods"?

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By Caroline Bernier

8 January 2024




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Have you heard of the "Pearl of the Gods"?

A model of seduction and conviction!

What do Justine, an illustrator from the Vendée, Coralie, a painter from La Rochelle, Delphine, a painter from Nantes... and many other "Pearls" have in common?

They take you into their world with the sole aim of "wrapping" your sweet tooth. A refined world made up of pretty tins behind which lies a fascinating marine world: marvellous vintage sardines fished for 4 generations, at the height of the season!

The "La Perle des Dieux" canning factory has everything to seduce you! You can buy its products from Régis at "La Fée Verte" in Habay-la-Neuve. He was the one who enthusiastically introduced me to them! Even if I'm not a fan of this type of dish, it's always a great pleasure for me to offer them to food lovers, for the pleasure of their eyes... and their hearts, of course!

Pierre, our photographer

Each box is vintage and has its own very special universe, with a strong personality. So my contribution as photographer could only be discreet and nuanced, to match the finery of these very pretty "Damoiselles"!

My challenges

In my imagination, a sardine can only be illustrated as a school of sardines! My idea was to present the cans in this way, while reserving a special place in this very specific scenario for the little "unruly" can of sardines!

The first challenge was to find a harmony of tones between the backgrounds and the boxes, to give them a lively, dynamic feel using bright colours and direct lighting, while taking care to avoid an aggressive look.

The second challenge was to find a layout that would give concrete form to the allegory of my sardine shoal.
For me, it's a nod to this fisherman in love with the ocean, whose work inspires respect and consideration.

Miss Pearl

I know, oh so well, what the challenge of constantly renewing oneself represents while retaining its authenticity. Finding new collaborations that will enhance the discovery of my marine treasures has been my mission for 4 generations. So, I'll leave you to your thoughts... Are your taste buds tingling? Taste me and let yourself be amazed!

Discover the result !

Like Miss Perle, would you like to showcase yourself with authenticity?

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