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To tantalise your taste buds!

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By Caroline Bernier

6 December 2023




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To tantalise your taste buds!

1836model, the

For the purposes of an online shop, I dressed in my finest finery. To be the 1ᵉʳ gin selected by enthusiasts, and believe there are many, I therefore lent myself to the staging game.

The atmosphere matched my dress, the tasting glass, the woodruff, the ice cubes and the lighting all had to reflect my need for freshness in order to offer maximum pleasure to those who taste me! I like to be served at the ideal temperature, because that's when I release all my aromas!

A few other bottles have also found their way into my life!

Pierre, our photographer

On the internet, there's no sense of smell, touch or sensuality with a bottle and its beverage. Only the sense of sight can be stimulated. I have therefore sublimated the atmosphere, through the lighting so that you and your internet users will want to discover the elegance of this 1836. May I invite you to taste it with me 🙂

My challenges

The first challenge with 1836 was to "strip" the bottle! Because gin is a transparent liquid, the writing on the back of the bottle was clearly visible.
I had to remove them and dissolve the ink, without damaging the bottle, before starting my shoot.

The second The challenge, as with all the bottles, was to find a light that was intense enough without being aggressive, to create a 'softened' sparkle effect. Then, for 1836, it was a matter of preserving the beautiful green tint with a gradation.

In a nutshell, a gentle shoot...

I invite you to discover the different lighting effects for each bottle.

Stéphaneour client

I never imagined that the result of professional photos would be so different! These really enhance my online shop.
The photos represent the emotions I felt when I discovered this gin. I'm very pleased with the shoot and can't wait to hear what my customers have to say... and, of course, to see my sales take off!

Discover the result !

Like Stéphane, you want to showcase your products?

Web connoisseur profile

Stay tuned!

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